Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet #2020

Bite the Bullet I don t know what happened to my life Just a few months ago I was independent and had an exciting job I loved Now along with my friends I m in hiding Why Because I m one of the Five a group of hum
  • Title: Bite the Bullet
  • Author: C.C. Wood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I don t know what happened to my life.Just a few months ago, I was independent and had an exciting job I loved Now, along with my friends, I m in hiding.Why Because I m one of the Five, a group of human women bestowed with powers and abilities to fight and control supernatural beings A prophesy was written about us centuries ago We are supposed to save the world, thougI don t know what happened to my life.Just a few months ago, I was independent and had an exciting job I loved Now, along with my friends, I m in hiding.Why Because I m one of the Five, a group of human women bestowed with powers and abilities to fight and control supernatural beings A prophesy was written about us centuries ago We are supposed to save the world, though none of us knows how Now, Cornelius, the leader of a malevolent group known as the Faction believes that by killing us and absorbing our power, he will become unstoppable in his bid to control not only the supernatural domain, but the entire world.After evading capture and an attempt on my life forced me into months of hiding, I finally have a chance to take action against the Faction as bait.Asher Leroux, the vampire tasked with helping me, makes me feel things I don t understand It s as if he fills the empty places in my soul, spaces that I didn t know existed.As the final battle draws closer, I know that defeating the Faction won t give me back the life I once had, but maybe that s not such a bad deal after all.
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      C.C. Wood

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    Publication Date January 31, 2016 A copy of this book has been provided by the amazingly talented C.C Wood for a probably very biased review because she one of my most favorite ist Indie Authors LOVED Shannon and Asher s story Asher is a 500 year old vampire who has seen and done a lot in his existence, but once he meets Shannon he knows she s his mate.Shannon knows this to be true as well Asher stepped over the threshold, his blue eyes locked on me Something deep inside me shifted, like two pie [...]

    So sad this series is endingI m sad this series is ending I really enjoyed reading it But it looks like C.C will be doing another series I certainly hope Luca, Duncan and Rhys will be in it I am really interested in reading about them.

    I was sooooo looking forward to the ending of the Bitten series This is ite grand finale, the boss fight all the 5 friends will stand together to defeat the evil Cornelius once and for all and live HEA with their hot and loving supernatural mates It should be full of girl power bad assery, snarky tough talking, multiple explosions, who s dead and who s not suspense.But it was not the case Hmmmmmm.ghThe story picked up where we left off.Shannon is not an administrative assistant at some security [...]

    I was the only one still single Not that it bothered me Alpha men were sexy in books, but of a pain in the ass in reality While I am so sad to see this series end, we have been building to this moment from the start and CC did not disappoint Asher and Shannon s story has been long coming and much awaited Desperate to see how Shannon s powers developed and what role they would play in the final battle to set the five fully free, I was very eager to start this book and could not put it down once [...]

    This was a great finale to a great series Everything I like about this book has been true throughout the series The book is FUNNY I ve been seeing a trend of authors trying to make characters so over the top funny, that they are really just annoying Not every sentence needs to be a smart ass comment C.C has mastered this, so the characters talk like funny real people C.C has also found this perfect balance in world building, where it is not so detailed that you get bored and give up, but enough [...]

    4 1 2 stars This was definitely my favorite in the series Loved how Shannon and Asher got along and handled each other, Shannon was much accepting of Asher and how he was than any of the other girls were which made for a enjoyable read This was a fun pnr series, i love when a series books are connected all the way through Looking forward to all the books in the spin off series, hopefully it won t be along wait

    I ve stated that I m not a huge reader of paranormal romance, I m not sure why exactly but with the exception of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, the Undead series by Mary Janice Davidson and the fantasy classic The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien I ve never really had the urge to read them, and yet I read CC Woods Love Bites and I was so utterly invested that I couldn t put it down, nor could I maintain my claim that paranormal romance wasn t for me In the final instalment in the Bitten [...]

    NOTE this review is being posted a couple of days after I finished the book BECAUSE I HAD TO READ IT AGAIN as soon as I finished it Yep It was that good.I finally got my hands on the fifth and final book in this series At the same time I m very sad to see it go Very, very sad At least I can reread this series as I m currently doing This is Shannon s book, though we get cameos from all the previous characters Yay Shannon thinks she needs to be turned into a vampire, and there are a few single mal [...]

    Where to even begin I truly loved this series and Bite the Bullet didn t disappoint The story revolves around Shannon and Asher and the impending battle our gang will be fighting against the Faction There are some twists and turns, plus some humorous moments Great book If you have read the series so far you must read this one You won t regret it.

    ARC.I m sad to see it endbut what an ending Shannon reveals her strengths and finds her powers as they figure out how to battle Faction and bring down Cornelious s a must read to find out how and what happens to The Five

    As the conclusion to the Bitten series, Shannon and Asher s story was the polishing finish to the plot that thrust five friends into the supernatural world Shannon was a complete and total badass Full review to follow

    I ve loved the Bitten series, and Bite the Bullet is its finale I do not recommend this as a standalone, because there is a lot of building up to this point But I do highly recommend this series if you like a great paranormal series with fun characters, sexy romances, and a captivating world.As for Bite the Bullet, I definitely enjoyed it I felt like I flew through the pages, looking forward to the conclusion we ve been speculating since the start of this crazy ride Not only do we get Shannon an [...]

    I was provided an ARC for a honest review of this book Thank you C.C Wood Honestly, I would ve bought the book anyway I LOVED THIS BOOK It s taken me forever to write this review because I m sad to say goodbye to this AWESOME series I fell in love with the Bitten series from book 1 and have not been disappointed throughout Paranormal books are always so sexy and fun and C.C Wood takes it to a whole new level I ve wondered about Asher since the very first book and couldn t wait until his time cam [...]

    Great series but.First let me say that I stumbled upon this series about two months ago and read the first four books in a week I just love the world and the characters the author created The other four books were five stars reads but this one honestly fell short.Asher and Shannon are the couple featured in this book Both characters are very wooden and flat to me Absolutely no depth Asher comes across as quite wimpy He s not at all like the alpha makes portrayed in the other books Shannon howeve [...]

    What a great ending to a wonderful paranormal series Shannon is one tough chick and she s not as surprised as the others about things that go bump in the night Asher is the sexy vampire who is tasked with helping Shannon prepare for the battle with the Faction One look at Asher and Shannon felt her soul settle There s nothing like soul mates, vampires, hot sex, and battle for survival CC Wood s Bitten series has taken the readers on a epic journey of self discovery, fate, love, sex, friendship, [...]

    Wow, the stunning conclusion to the Bitten series is the best yet From Donna meeting Conner in book one Bite Me until the final battle with the Faction and beyond, Ms Wood has made the characters so real that i feel like I m one of their close knit group Asher was a surprise to me as through Shannon we started to see past his facade I wish there were books coming, of other supporting characters like Duncan, Luca, Rhys, the coven and the pack You could read this as a stand alone but i definitely [...]

    this one was on top of the list of books to read And here I am done but not quite satisfied Sur one series is closed, it ended with a until when so there would be a blood and something in January 2017 it definitely ended well, everyone got their ability, mated and also a big answer about the bad guy, a battle which I won t say great because it was quite short A great ending with somehow a epilogue of one sort With mysteries about a new character Anyway, this series was quite amazing and I really [...]

    This was a great series and I am sad that it is over I loved Asher and Shannon s story and the finale of the conflict with The Faction and Cornelius did not disappoint Every single one of these alpha males and their strong willed sassy women provided hours of great entertainment for me I too hope to see Chloe, Luca, Duncan and Lachlan in the next series.Pretty please C.C.

    ARC received in exchange for an honest review I don t know what I can say about this series I don t know where to start I loved Shannon s spunkiness and I LOVED Asher All the feels Such a fantastic ending to this series I just wish it wasn t ending The Bitten Series remains the first Paranormal series I ve read and LOVED I m not one for Paranormal, sci fi, fantasy stuff but Cc Wood has changed that for me with this series Can t wait for from her

    Bite the Bullet was a great read Perfect ending to the last of the series sniff sniff Shannon and Asher s story gave you laughter, suspense, action and some steamy sexy time.I have to admit that i m sad this was the last of the Bitten series I cried a bit at the end But I know the author will totally make up for it with her future books, she is just awesome like that.I totally recommend you read the Bitten series It will not disappoint.

    I had been waiting on pins and needles for this book I don t typically like paranormal I loved that this book had strong female characters who didn t let the Alphas push them around I loved the story line from beginning to end I will miss these characters and I will have to annoy her with requests for novellas over and over again until she relents.

    LOVED it So sad to see this series end I loved all the books I loved the witch, shifter and vampire involvement I loved how each friend had their own abilities The women were strong and all had alpha mates They clashed at times which was funny but they were all so great together I can t wait to read the spin off books

    I ve loved the previous books in the Bitten series This last book is Great I love this last book even This is 5 in this series all are very very good I am hoping for a sequel Thank you C.C

    Amazing seriesSo sorry to see the series end What a ride and I loved every moment Great writing, great characters, amazing sex scenes What could as an avid reader as for

    I voluntarily reviewed this book and I have not been compensated in any way.Shannon was an independent woman with a job she loved then the prophesy came along and she and her friends are all in hiding Now, along with her friends, she is in hiding so that Cornelius leader of the Faction can t kill them all and absorb their power so he can control the world Then she gets the chance to become bait and work with a 500 year old vampire called Asher Leroux who has made Shannon s soul complete.Just WOW [...]

    Well that was hmmmmm First of all I hesitate only because I wasn t a big fan of these two In this the final book it all comes together with a bang Shannon is off the chain but just like her character comes off untouchable, but then that is the type of person her character is described as very strong, independent, wants her male co workers to not defer to her because she is female So for this reason I am not surprised she felt untouchable As for Asher, well like all of the men he turns to mush wh [...]

    Asher and Shannon.Shannon is one fiesty woman who can definately look after herself Working in security has definately given her the edge and people often look to her for advice She went to Conner with a wish to be turned into a vamp Along came Asher After a mission went wrong he has to turn her and it devastated him Turns out they are mates.Asher struggles with the fact Shannon is independant but through all the bumps he realises she truely is capable of defending herself All throughout the fin [...]

    I love itIt s amazing I just really hope Asher and Shannon have a baby and I hope Calder a d Ricky s baby comes sooooon

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