An Undisturbed Peace

An Undisturbed Peace #2020

An Undisturbed Peace A Jewish immigrant a Cherokee woman and a black slave find love friendship and redemption in the midst of the tragedy of the Trail of Tears Abrahan Bento Sassaporta Naggar has traveled to America
  • Title: An Undisturbed Peace
  • Author: Mary Glickman
  • ISBN: 9781504018340
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Jewish immigrant, a Cherokee woman, and a black slave find love, friendship, and redemption in the midst of the tragedy of the Trail of Tears Abrahan Bento Sassaporta Naggar has traveled to America from the filthy, Jew hating streets of East London in search of a better life But Abe s visions of a privileged apprenticeship in the Sassaporta Brothers empire based in SA Jewish immigrant, a Cherokee woman, and a black slave find love, friendship, and redemption in the midst of the tragedy of the Trail of Tears Abrahan Bento Sassaporta Naggar has traveled to America from the filthy, Jew hating streets of East London in search of a better life But Abe s visions of a privileged apprenticeship in the Sassaporta Brothers empire based in Savannah, Georgia, are soon replaced with the grim reality of indentured servitude in his uncle Isadore s camp town near Greensborough, North Carolina Some 50 miles west, a woman named Dark Water of the Mountains leads a life of irreverent solitude The daughter of a powerful Cherokee chief, it has been nearly 20 years since she renounced her family s plans for her to marry a wealthy white man Far away in Georgia, a black slave named Jacob has resigned himself to a life of loss and injustice in a city of refuge for criminals A trio of outsiders linked by unrequited and rekindled love, Abe, Dark Water, and Jacob find themselves surrounded by the escalating horrors of President Jackson s Indian Removal Act As the US government implements the appalling logistics of transporting the Native American tribes of the South to the western side of the Mississippi River, Abe tries desperately to intervene and Jacob and Dark Water fight for their lives.
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      Mary Glickman

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    A shameful time in American history depicting the horrible treatment of native Americans is told here in the story of an immigrant Jew from London , a Native American woman and a black slave whose paths cross in the late 1820 s and early 1830 s in North Carolina.Abrahan s character is skillfully developed as we see him evolve from a naive, love struck young man to man of honor who would do what it took to help Marian Dark Water and Jacob But something was missing for me and I m almost at a loss [...]

    The blurb for this novel reads, A Jewish immigrant, a Cherokee woman, and a black slave find love, friendship, and redemption in the midst of the tragedy of the Trail of Tears I thought it sounded interesting, and it might have been, but really, not so much Just as a truly great writer can take the dullest of topics and make it shiny and fascinating, so may an interesting concept leave the reader squirming and thinking of other things she might want to do or read, if the narrative doesn t flow w [...]

    There was much to admire about this book in particular the author s portrayal of Dark Water, a Cherokee woman who embodied the strength and will of a nation and who accurately depicted the revered status of women in Native American culture.The story of a Jewish immigrant peddler Abe , Dark Water, and an African American slave Jacob is incredibly intriguing and unique The parallels between each character s battle for acceptance and the overall historic struggles of these displaced groups does not [...]

    Whether you know about the black mark on American history known as the Trail of Tears or not, this fascinating historical fiction novel will be an excellent way to learn about it or learn about it Read why in my review here drchazan 2016 0

    Glickman s Undisturbed Peace is an interesting book In many ways, it is what good historical fiction should be Well researched, well written, nicely painted time and pictures Yet, despite the believability of the story and the grounding in fact that the novel contains, the characters are pretty much unsympathetic Perhaps this lack of sympathy is part of the historical accuracy No one is sympathetic Whites won t be for killing the Native Americans and taking the land Native Americans for simply k [...]

    Although I like the uncommon mixture of a Jewish man, a Black slave and a Native American woman in this story, and really liked Marian s strength, I couldn t finish this book I tried to give it a chance, and got to 40% before I quit.My biggest problem with it was the writing style I found it extremely purple and florid, and the use of the word equine when a simple horse would do was jarring and unnatural Next thing he knew, they were marching off to a dirt paddock where a fearsome equine was eng [...]

    Abrahan Sassaporta is a young Jewish man who arrived in the US from lower class London to work for his uncle Isadore Known as Abe in the US, he peddles goods door to door in rural North Carolina No matter how much he sells, though, he cannot seem to pay off his debts to his uncle These debts only grow when Isadore sends for Abe s mother Now Abe has to pay back that debt on top of his own.Around that time, Abe meets a stunning native American named Dark Water who also goes by the Anglican name of [...]

    Reading novels based on American history is something I rarely do, but I m glad I had the chance to read this one An Undisturbed Peace covers a time I knew nothing about the Trail of Tears, when an estimated 40,000 Cherokees were forcibly removed from their land and sent on a death march Mary Glickman s evocation of this time, and the events leading up to it, is harrowing.I got this book as an advance review copy, so I don t want to give away spoilers, but it s a tale that unites the fates of a [...]

    This novel is author Mary Glickman at her best Set against the devastating times when Native Americans were forced along the Trail of Tears , Glickman spins the story of three uniquely different characters a black slave, an Indian princess and a Jewish peddler whose lives are intertwined when a chance meeting between the peddler and the princess shapes their futures Abrahan Abe Bento Sassaporta Naggar travels to America from England Sent by his widowed mother to live with his merchant uncle in N [...]

    I received this book as a Firstread It is a wonderful historical saga of three very different characters trying to survive in the south in the early 1820 s Abe is a Jewish merchant, Dark Waters a Cherokee princess, and Jacob, a slave owned by Dark Water s father The story revolves around the harsh lives, the complexities of different ethnic migrations into the south, and the events leading to one of the great tragedies of our country, the Trail of Tears forced relocation of tens of thousands of [...]

    This is historical fiction, an accurate portrayal of the everyday details and social habits of Jewish people, American Indians, and black people, beginning in 1828 North Carolina The main character is a traveling peddler, so the areas covered extend beyond North Carolina and, through his eyes, the reader witnesses the injustices of the Indian Removal Act.While this novel deserves high marks for its obviously careful research, the depiction of the Jewish peddler s life on the road is often silly [...]

    There were aspects of this book that I really liked, but it fell short of being everything it could have been Initially the concept of historical fiction about the Trail of Tears drew me to read it I hoped to learn much about this devastating event in the history of our country and our mistreatment of Native Americans But, surprisingly, it played a relatively secondary role in the story, and did not emerge as a major part of the plot until later in the book Glickman did educate me about that pe [...]

    I selected this book to read because it was set in the 1820 s and 1830 s in NC and the Cherokee Trail of Tears I didn t know a lot about this shameful period in our nation s history and wanted to better understand it.I have some ambivalence about the novel My star rating would accurately be a 3.5.The author tells the story through the eyes of an immigrant Jew from London and his interactions with a Native American woman and a black slave whose lives keep crossing paths.Abrahan is our narrator, [...]

    Vividly written, accurately detailed, the novel added quite a lot to my understanding of the Cherokee during the time of Andrew Jackson and Chief John Ross No wonder the Indians are protesting the Dakota pipeline now another example of the white man s perfidy I m very happy that my Great great grandmother remained in Georgia, instead of walking to Oklahoma.

    Our family is blessed with Cherokee ancestors on both sides Recently, while researching these ancestors, this book popped up in my queue, and I dived into it An Undisturbed Peace explores not only the so called Indian Removal Act, but other minority groups on the fringes of society in the early history of the United States.Abrahan Abe Bento Sassaporta Naggar immigrates to the United States from East London A Jew searching for new opportunity in America, he comes to work for his uncle Isadore Sas [...]

    An Undisturbed Peace by Mary GlickmanWow This is the kind of book I really love The layers of story between Abrahan Bento Sassaporta Naggar, a Jew from the squalor of London who comes to America indentured to his uncle in Georgia, Dark Water of the Mountains, also known as Marian, and Jacob a slave all set within President Andrew Jackson s Indian Removal Act makes for a sit up late at night read The whites are moving in and they want land Land that the Native Americans cared for, lived on and re [...]

    I receivedAn Undisturbed Peace, byMary Glickman from Open Road Integrated Media, Inc via NetGalley This is an ARC Kindle Edition.Now that I have finished this remarkable novel, I have been pondering the title During the course of this story, as with history, many have their lives ripped from them Individuals, families and Nations suffered in terrible and violent ways Who, who I want to cry, comes through this story with an undisturbed peace Are the new settlers at peace Is President Jackson who [...]

    Mary Glickman s newest novel, An Undisturbed Peace, is a compelling book A love story of complex relationships, a mystery, adventures galore, Glickman s book has so many facets to enjoy Her extensive research has led to an engaging description of life among the Cherokees as well as the conflicts new immigrants faced trying to adapt to this country in the 1820s Her contrast of the lives of Abrahan Sassaporta, a young Jewish immigrant struggling to overcome exhausting challenges, and Dark Water, a [...]

    A well written, seemingly carefully researched, interesting story I reserved the book from my library as soon as I saw that it dealt with trail of tears Generally familiar with that tragic story, I thought a novel about it would be good It was, but it wasn t so much a story of the Indian Removal Act and the trek of the Choctaw and the Cherokees as it was a story of the times preceding the Removal Act The book flap tells you it deals with three people, a Cherokee woman who lives alone disaffected [...]

    Mary Glickman s fourth novel, An Undisturbed Peace is the best yet She has moved to a new locale, North Carolina, and explores injustice done to a different minority group, Native Americans.The novel concerns events leading up to the Trail of Tears The guiding link in the story is Abraham Bento Sassaporta Naggar who travelled the frontier of North Carolina as a peddler for his uncle In his travels he encounters the fiercely independent Dark Water who has separated herself from her family and Che [...]

    This is the kind of book that wakes you up at night while you are reading it and stays with you after you finish reading The story was heartfelt At first I was put off by Abraham I thought he was too self centered But in spite of his faults he turns into the hero in this story Maybe it is realistic that he is an imperfect hero Even though I knew the story of the Indian relocation acts, this story touched me Especially given everything that is happening in today s world this story reminded me th [...]

    I received an advanced reader copy of this book by the publisher for an honest review I enjoyed this historical fiction novel of how a Jew, a Native American, and a black slave s lives intertwine and culminate in the Trail of Tears Each of the three is burdened with prejudice and racial hatred in what was purported to be the land of the free There was wonderful character development which enabled the reader to see the flaws and gifts each person brought to the story It s a shameful period of Ame [...]

    I ve read several pieces of historical fiction from the Carolinas my chosen home that have endeared me even to the region its rich history Like Frasier s Thirteen Moons , An Undisturbed Peace provides a glimpse of the relationships between the Cherokee various whites I recommend a visit to Oconoluftee Village in Cherokee, NC to gain further insight to these people, learn about their desire to live their heritage fully experience how they lived in the 19th century The people behind the Cherokee [...]

    Brilliant I have been an avid reader my entire life but never have I had the opportunity to read such an engrossing novel I am so impressed by the ability of the author to have so diligently researched the subject matter and time in history in which the story takes place, as well as her ability to weave her research into an intriguing story of the people of the time and how they experienced profound love and loss The reader feels the intimacy of the characters as if present with them in the sett [...]

    Immigrant Abrahan, former Cherokee princess Dark Water and black slave Jacob are tangled in a web of the decisions of the past, the ever changing landscape of the present and an uncertain future Swept up in the ferocious westward land grab, Abe, Dark Water and Jacob must find a way to survive as the world changes all around them Author Mary Glickman does an excellent job of bringing the past to life with energetic characters and a firm grasp of the history surrounding the Indian Removal Act A th [...]

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.The traveling of the Trail of Tears by the Cheyenne people was the hideous sham of the American government, ostensibly re locating a native population of America Ms Glickman brings this tragedy directly to the reader through the eyes of three characters, including a Cheyenne woman, a Jewish peddler and a black slave Historically accurate and well researched, I would recommend this book The only question I have is the relevance of th [...]

    Mary Glickman is a remarkable historian immersing her readers in a specific period of time in each of her novels Her current topic, a sad event in American history, is carefully documented providing little known details in an authentic way Her characters are uniquely diverse but they give the reader an opportunity to understand the different points of view of that time Lastly, I appreciate Ms Glickman s use of the English language, a true wordsmith whose descriptions flow beautifully in a poetic [...]

    A Sad TruthI too am fascinated by the fate of the native Americans as well as the Jews of the south, particularly in Georgia, Cherokee county I am by birth a Yankee and a Jew so the book resonated with me on several levels I am fascinated by the Governmental sponsored prejudice and inhuman treatment in the land of the free Someone said that all fiction is a lie that has truth at its center Ms Glickman has presented a truth wrapped in a fiction that was and still is a reality.

    Glickman did an excellent job in creating a historical fiction around the native American removal in the Trail of Tears This work is well researched in the political arena at the time and it was refreshing to see the support from a Jewish storekeeper I would like to think there were individuals like him that actually existed during this time I wish to thank the author for the Good Reads Giveaway I look forwards to reading novels by Glickman

    So, what s to explain American history Perfect Immigration history Perfect Characterization Perfect Pace Perfect Enthralling narrative Perfect Indian affairs Perfect romance Perfect Feminism Perfect.Okay, I am biased I am a fan Of all Mary s books and they are wonderful, make no mistake this is by far and away the best.I will NOT spoil the joy of reading this by explaining the story except to say make sure you plan your weekend sitting, reading, and turn off the phone.

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