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All-Of-A-Kind Family #2020

All Of A Kind Family Meet the All of a Kind Family Ella Henny Sarah Charlotte and Gertie who live with their parents in New York City at the turn of the century Together they share adventures that find them searching
  • Title: All-Of-A-Kind Family
  • Author: Sydney Taylor Helen John
  • ISBN: 9780812421996
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet the All of a Kind Family Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie who live with their parents in New York City at the turn of the century Together they share adventures that find them searching for hidden buttons while dusting Mama s front parlor and visiting with the peddlers in Papa s shop on rainy days The girls enjoy doing everything together, especiallyMeet the All of a Kind Family Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie who live with their parents in New York City at the turn of the century Together they share adventures that find them searching for hidden buttons while dusting Mama s front parlor and visiting with the peddlers in Papa s shop on rainy days The girls enjoy doing everything together, especially when it involves holidays and surprises.But no one could have prepared them for the biggest surprise of all
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      Sydney Taylor Helen John

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    As a kid the first chapter book I remember reading was All of a Kind Family by Sydney Taylor In the perfect historical fiction book, which later became a series, for Jewish girls, Taylor detailed the life of a family of five girls who lived in the tenements of the Lower East Side around the turn of the 20th century I read the entire series so many times when I was growing up that I felt as though I was part of the family When a challenge I entered called for a classic book I read as a child, I c [...]

    A heart warming, gently humorous and informative family story, and my one main regret is that I have only recently discovered Sydney Taylor s All of a Kind Family and its sequels Wonderful, delightful episodes show the joys, the struggles and the close family and neighbourhood ties of a Jewish American family in early 20th century New York City I love how the different Jewish holidays, how Jewish cultural and religious traditions are depicted and shown throughout the story, informatively, but wi [...]

    First re read of this book in years uncountable This is the book from which I first learned about the Jewish faith As a little heathen child, I d been dragged to various Christian churches by friends and cousins, and I knew I thought all about that religion which was boring, boring, boring But thisbody I knew ever built a little bitty house in their backyard Or got to eat parsley dipped in salt water I was fascinated Not only was I a little heathen, I was also a little singleton Reading this sto [...]

    One of the best books ever I love all the little girls and Mama and Papa and their friends and relatives The setting is amazing, too I kinda want to go there, even though it was probably a pretty hard life.

    What a wonderful, endearing, lovely read this was The adventures of five little girls Gertie, Charlotte, Sarah, Henny and Ella aged between four and twelve living with their mama who looks after the home, and papa who runs a junk shop in the East Side in New York City I shouldn t perhaps say adventures, for really this is the story of their daily lives, the daily happenings, chores, trips to the library, the little ups and down, the joys and sorrows that life brings every day but that in itself [...]

    This is a series I reread every year No one else has ever captured the early 1900 s in the Jewish lower side of New York like this, and it s fascinating to read about the holidays and customs and everyday life that this little troop of girls experiences I still wish I could walk through those streets teeming with peddlers selling big dill pickles, candied orange slices, and spiced chick peas These books are great for those who love old fashioned stories about growing up, like the Little House, G [...]

    I love to read good children s literature and this book of a bygone era 1912 was informative and charming I was hoping this might be the book I would choose to read with my grade school grandchildren this summer, but I am not sure if it would meet the diverse needs I loved the family solidarity and I particularly enjoyed the traditional religious observances If I do choose this for the summer, I would look for a book on Jewish traditions with pictures to share with the children I would like them [...]

    All of a Kind Family is just so amazing Such a sweet story of a Jewish family living in the early 1900s So sweet and innocent I remember reading it when I was younger and loving it, and was beyond excited when I found out it was a series The five little girls are so adorable Their personalities are so unique and different, yet they get along so well A must must read for pretty much anyone Especially girls 6 out of 5 stars

    I first read this book about 50 years ago yes, I am dating myself and the last time I read it was probably 49 years ago I remember loving the book at the time but I think read it just the years I was 9 and 10, and I think I always read library copies I am wondering if I even read it in third grade but I don t remember for sure, so I m sticking with my original read date, which was when I was in fourth grade.I did a reread, something I ve long wanted to do, mostly because the Children s Books gro [...]

    All of a kind family is a set of short stories, oh, and it is so very dated My daughter actually loved it much than I did Maybe I am way too used to having a point when telling stories, and this one was much of the day to day of a Jewish family From taking books from the library, getting sick or cleaning the house, most stories are fine, but that is it Each chapter is its own, telling about a different situation and finished without having much of a storyline.It is overall cute, girls that are [...]

    I am so suprised this book appears to me to be unheard of in the UK It took some trouble and cost quite a lot finding a copy, but so glad we did A beautiful book describing daily life of a close Jewish immigrant family We loved the adventures of these sisters Having lived in Israel, the descriptions of Jewish festivals brought back happy memories of time spent with friends The descriptions of the festivals and their meaning for the family, illustrates how humans seem to benefit from rituals cele [...]

    All of a Kind Family is another book I would have loved when I was younger such a nice, wholesome story I probably would have had to rush right out and find all of the All of a Kind books I still enjoyed the book very much reading it for the first time as an adult, and wouldn t mind reading of them sometime I really liked that although the family was poor, they were very happy and their lack of things wasn t a huge issue for them like it is in some stories I also really enjoyed reading about th [...]

    Hurrah A Jewish tenement family in turn of the century LES New York My Mom can distinctly remember being in fourth grade, in her little bedroom in their trailer in Kentucky, reading this book while her Dad called her to come to dinner If only for that, I would love this book, but it turns out the book is TOTALLY charming.

    Mini review.I think I would have enjoyed this if I had read this when I was small and been less aware of the slightly stilted dialogue and characterization but nevertheless, a sweet little book and fascinating look into the daily lives of Jewish family around the turn of the century Definitely a book that I would share with young readers

    What a fabulous book How many girls like me learned about Judaism from these books I think it is still a great choice to read aloud or give to girls from 6 to 10 Here is a link to my review perfectretort 201

    These books are underappreciated In my mind they rank with the Little House books every little girl should read them

    TOTALLY LOVED THIS BOOK oh my goodness One of the best children s level chapter books ever I have read it than 5 times including read aloud s to my younger siblings Such a sweet, adorable story full of rich detail about Jewish families in the 1900 s.

    This is yet another book that I ve read and loved thanks to the very awesome ladies at The Midnight Garden As another of their middle grade challenge read along books, this is a new discovery for me and yet again, a lovely lil gem All of a kind family is the kind of lil story that would really help children see how different things were quite a few years back, and it works the same way with adults Every description felt so genuine, so well done, and nothing in the narrative, not the descriptions [...]

    What a delightful read Although this book was published in 1951, the year after I had started school, I had only read references to it or excerpts from it, until my 8 year old granddaughter highly recommended it She loved Ella, Henny, Charlotte, Sarah, and Gertie, the five girls in Sydney Taylor s family that is close and loving and loyal, where harmony prevails, where faith is lived out in every aspect of life, where life is an adventure My granddaughters love going to the library, just like th [...]

    I had chosen my books, narrowed them down to those I thought looked most promising, and begun to wait for my mother and sister to wrap up their purchases The library sale was practically over But while I was waiting, I figured that I might as well glance through the children s books one last time before we left and that s when I found All of a Kind Family.The Story.Because All of a Kind Family doesn t exactly have a plot line, it is difficult to describe what the story is Each chapter is its own [...]

    A nice, quiet read for another sleepless night, this story of a Jewish family on the Lower East Side at the beginning of the 20th century puts the chapter in chapter book in the sense that each chapter can be read as a unit That s my one complaint there isn t really a unifying thread, or if there is, it feels chopped off at the end of each chapter, and the following one begins a completely different vignette with little to no sense of flow The Gentile romance thread felt shoehorned in.Interestin [...]

    Aw, this book is SOCUTE.No, I didn t enjoy it half as much as I did when I read it first as a younger person but I still like it a lot Let s lists some of the goods and the bads, shall we The good 1 It is, as I mentioned earlier, disastrously cute The girls are cute, the writing is cute, the romance is cute, the stories are cute And now I m tired of the word cute 2 Oh, andthe pictures.OH I LOVE THE PICTURES IN HERE They re just so classy and lovely and old fashioned and real Miss Allen is gorgeo [...]

    Charming, sweet, heartwarming and thoughtful This entire series is a gem The family is so sweet, so tight knit While the book is a pure pleasure to read simply because you will love the family so much, it s also interesting from a historical social standpoint to read about early 1900s America and this Jewish family s experience.

    I adored the opportunity to fall in love with this family and to get a glimpse into the grand life they carve for themselves in a rundown Brooklyn tenement I love women like this mother that make me want to be grounded and calm and solid for my children and others around me And these sweet girls who have such a clear understanding of right and wrong and honesty I just appreciated the short time I got to spend away in their world.This particular image that the author created was my favourite The [...]

    This children s novel, set in the early nineteen hundreds in New York City, follows a year in the life of an orthodox Jewish family with five daughters It provides a good overview to most of the Jewish holidays and was a good way of introducing my daughter to Jewish customs She kept asking me, however, why only the dad went to synagogue, and I wasn t sure of the answer I personally didn t find it very interesting it s slow paced and not written in a particularly alluring style, and, on the heels [...]

    I don t often read children s novels, but All of a Kind Family is both a classic and a wonderful story about history, friendship and growing up in New York There are so many classics about growing up in rural areas and on farms, but very few that take place in an urban setting like this one.

    I read this because it was a childhood favorite of mine, and it lives up to my nostalgia, being a charming portrait with charming illustrations of 1910s Jewish life on the Lower East Side I loved it as a kid particularly because it was about kids like me namely, Jews and I still love it for that the holidays here are my holidays, and in particular there s a moment early in the book where it says, casually, that it s the last week of December and a really exciting day is coming up the 5th of Janu [...]

    All of a Kind Family is a sweet story of a family of five young girls living in NY s Lower East Side I loved the richness of family, the beautiful Jewish traditions the family observes and the day to day creativity the girls have in keeping themselves busied The story line gives a refreshing break from overstimulating electronic devices to the simplicity of family life of 100 years ago The author uses a deep vocabularly to create her story.Find All of A Kind Family at the Westminster Public Libr [...]

    I only wish I had read this before I read The Other Half I really tried not to be cynical while reading this book and reminded myself that this is just a fun book for kids not a treatise on life in tenements on the east side of New York It s just that after reading about Jacob Riis, I can t help but see this book as a very rose colored look at tenement life Yes, I know not everyone lived in dank, dark, squalor but they were still surrounded by it.So, unfortunately my reading of this book was tai [...]

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