The Big Switch

The Big Switch #2020

The Big Switch In this extraordinary World War II alternate history master storyteller Harry Turtledove begins with a big switch what if Neville Chamberlain instead of appeasing Hitler had stood up to him in
  • Title: The Big Switch
  • Author: Harry Turtledove
  • ISBN: 9780345491862
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this extraordinary World War II alternate history, master storyteller Harry Turtledove begins with a big switch what if Neville Chamberlain, instead of appeasing Hitler, had stood up to him in 1938 Enraged, Hitler reacts by lashing out at the West, promising his soldiers that they will reach Paris by the new year They don t Three years later, his genocidal apparatusIn this extraordinary World War II alternate history, master storyteller Harry Turtledove begins with a big switch what if Neville Chamberlain, instead of appeasing Hitler, had stood up to him in 1938 Enraged, Hitler reacts by lashing out at the West, promising his soldiers that they will reach Paris by the new year They don t Three years later, his genocidal apparatus not fully in place, Hitler has barely survived a coup, while Jews cling to survival But England and France wonder whether the war is still worthwhile.Weaving together a cast of characters that ranges from a brawling American fighter in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in Spain to a woman who has seen Hitler s evil face to face, Harry Turtledove takes us into a world shaping up very differently in 1941 The Germans and their Polish allies have slammed into the gut of the Soviet Union in the west, while Japan pummels away in the east In trench warfare in France, French and Czech fighters are outmanned but not outfought by their Nazi enemy Then the stalemate is shattered In England, Winston Churchill dies in an apparent accident, and the gray men who walk behind his funeral cortege wonder who their real enemy is The USSR, fighting for its life, makes peace with Japan and Japan s war with America is about to begin.A sweeping saga of human passions, foolishness, and courage, of families and lovers and soldiers by choice and by chance, The Big Switch is a provocative, gripping, and utterly convincing work of alternate history at its best For history buffs and fans of big, blood and guts fiction, Harry Turtledove delivers a panoramic clash of ideals as powerful as armies themselves.
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    Book after book, I keep paging through Harry Turtledove s WAR THAT CAME EARLY, hoping that something will happen Something big, explosive, and unexpected Some huge surprise And over and over, NOTHING HAPPENS Please, please, please don t make me watch the ugly French Lieutenant smoke another Gitane Please, don t make me listen to cheerful, upbeat Sarah Goldman say once again that things are tough for the Jews Please, please, can we just stick to the combat, the shooting, the rat a tat tat stuff T [...]

    This is book 3 in Harry Turtledove s War War II series The War That Came Early Turtledove has redone War War II several times, which is probably why I feel he s phoning these in Too many of the scenes seem like I ve read them before And I probably have, as I ve read pretty much everything Turtledove has published His earlier takes on WWII include the Worldwar Series, a retelling with an alien invasion that leads to cooperation among what were enemies in our timeline the Darkness Series, a six vo [...]

    The series that started in Hitler s War chugs along slowly and somewhat repetitively here, though things happen of course and history moves even farther away from our timeline one hint Winston Churchill never gets to be PM when Chamberlain s cancer takes him down in 1940 The main problem with the book is that the format that worked very well in the first volume and reasonably well in the second multiple pov s from front line grunts low ranking officers or just regular soldiers in all theaters of [...]

    Less dragging and repetitive than the previous entries in the series, so that s good Sadly, the main plot point is absurdly unbelievable France and England accepting a cease fire or even a full peace treaty I could accept, actually switching sides to join Germany in a crusade against the Soviets No way, especially not when they were winning, pushing the Germans back out of France It s rather rare for nations to switch sides in a war and almost every case that comes to mind in involves a state th [...]

    Tedious That s really all I have to say I love books about WWII I love historical fiction and alternative histories, but I just could not get into this and finally gave up There were thousands of characters or well, not really it just felt like it The characters were so flat and one dimensional American socialite, German sniper, Japanese army, etc and they all seemed to be drawn as stereotypes I had a hard time keeping track of them all and ultimately, did not care if I kept track.

    Alternate history is difficult to manage as even the smallest change can have an incredible impact That being said some things will happen no matter how much you tried to divert it Because WWII starts early in this series many important events that occurred prior in reality were still in play in this reality Spanish Civil War was still raging, the Molotov Pact was not sealed, the persecution within the Reich had not progressed as far, the Empire of Japan and the USSR were still at each others th [...]

    Harry Turtledove is the master of grand epic stories I really wish he would not have so much repetition within each volume He underestimates the intelligence of his readers.

    This is the third installment in one of Turtledove s recent series The War That Came Early The concept behind the series is a proposal to look at what might have happened if the Nazis, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, had started their aggressive invasions in 1936 rather than 1939 The series is expected to have five volumes.For a great deal of time, not a lot has been all that different Germany has settled into a draw in France on the Western Front and in Poland on the East, but things tak [...]

    How much difference could Rudolf Hess have made Well, Harry Turtledove gives us a chance to find out A cracking good read about a very different 1940.

    Book Number 3 in Harry Turtledove s alternate WWII history overall titled The War that Came Early With the previous two novels in the series, it is kind of hard to tell what happened and what didn t happen w r t actual World War II history Sure we knew from the onset that the war did not start with Germany invading Czechoslovakia, but as for a lot of the other details it would require a good amount of background research to see for yourself weather if this or that had happened or not The Big Swi [...]

    Third in the War That Came Early Series, Turtledove sticks to his tried and true formula of short vignettes of common people military and civilian alike dealing with the unfolding history all around them Through these numerous vignettes, the reader slowly gets the bigger picture of what is going on at the same pace as the characters themselves Turtledove s vast and at the same time intimate knowledge of the technology, the societies, the cultures, and the politics of this time period is breath t [...]

    Blew through this one pretty fast, which is none too surprising considering the prose is not challenging As well, as I mentioned in the review of the previous volume, it s not so much the little stories for which you d read these books, it s what they reveal about the big world plot.One thing I have noticed is that these books seem to be each following roughly one calendar year of time apiece, rather than following a certain arc of the alternate WWII.In this third volume, we depart from reality [...]

    I didn t realize, until after I started it, that I had picked up a story mid stream in its telling I have seen Mr Turtledove s books on the shelf at the library where I work and not having read one, thought I d give it a try His books seem popular, circulating quite often.So, this is an alternate history of the mid twentieth century, supposing certain events happened that did not actually occur, or weaving actual events into a different narrative Here, England and France are at war with Nazi Ger [...]

    I was going to give up on this series see my reviews for the first two books but, if being a completist at heart I hate to stop in the middle At least this book is marginally better than the others in that there are major alternate historical events occurring to create interest The first one hundred fifty pages continue in much the same tedium that readers had to endure in the first two books battlefield personnel banter, swearing and stereotypical name calling Then, thankfully, events take a t [...]

    Tried out a new genre and decided I didn t care for it I ve always liked historical fiction, especially stuff set during WWII, but this one didn t do anything for me I m not going to give it a star rating because it seems a little unfair since I seem to find this genre alternative history fiction unappealing.The story of the war is told from the point of view of a number of different characters on all sides Unfortunately, these characters all felt pretty flat and one dimensional to me No one sto [...]

    Friday September 9, 2011 Just call me Squeeky Wheel I recieved the book today via FedEx.Wednesday September 7, 2011 I have not recieved either a response from the publisher who sponsored the giveaway or a copy of the book.August 17, 2011 Email to Del Rey Spectra BooksSubject Did Not Recieve BookI won a copy of The War That Came Early The Big Switch by Harry Turtledove As of August 17, 2011 I have not received a copy My Address is listed below.As of Saturday July 16, 2011 I have not recieved my c [...]

    2nd Entry in the War That Came Early series which envisions WW2 starting in 1938 over Czechoslovakia The added twist is that full scale war had also broken out between the Soviet Union and Japan, putting both Germany and Japan in a two front war The different setup has been and is interesting, but the Big Switch alluded to in the title just seems completely unrealistic to me It s rather hard to explain without giving it away, and I know the whole point is that we re dealing with an alternative h [...]

    The series continues, with some new view points and some are no I have to wonder, would governments be so stupid Then I have to wonder at myself Of course, governments could be so stupid If history can teach us one thing, it s that governments can be anything, from ultimately inspiring to extremely evil, with lots of stupid and short sighted all mixed in.But then again, governments govern at the will and whim of the people, as long as the people understand that They are a reflection of ourselve [...]

    Well written but the author is milking this alternate history of WWII There are at least two volumes in this series one currently out, another due this summer If this could only be edited into a three or four volumes at most Right now everything moves at a glacial pace we don t see the machinations of Hitler, Stalin, Tojo, FDR Once again, as the story is being told by the grunts on the ground, major events occur off stage If you liked the previous volumes in the series, it s of the same if you [...]

    This is a fairly standard Turtledove alt hist, an alternate World War II seen through the eyes of one person from each of a wide variety of combatant nations I would have given it 3 starsexcept I can t get past the premise It simply doesn t make sense for the French and British to go that far Yeah, with no Munich Agreement and subsequent betrayal of that agreement I can see the British seriously considering Hess s peace overture and maybe accepting it along with the French But switching sides an [...]

    The War That Came Early West and East return Harry Turtledove return Del Rey 2010 , Edition 1, Hardcover, 448 pages return return return This volume is a bit slower to engage than the first volume of this trilogy, Hitler s War and I confess I missed the intermediate book entirely which may or may not affect the overall review The book stands on it s own well enough, but does take a while to engage the whole cast of characters as we meet them in short vignettes Once we know who the players are it [...]

    Turtledove s new alt history of WWII takes an interesting turn I had read the first 2 books several years and just re read them, so I was really looking forward to this book I was definitely disappointed with this book He has Winston Churchill assassinated and suddenly in the Big Switch, France and Great Britain join Germany against the USSR He shows the troops not being happy with this, but fails to explain why the politicians think this is a good idea In the book, Germany agrees to give back t [...]

    The sequel to East and West less repetitive than the previous novel, though Turtledove s story telling does not really improve significantly Again, the major problem with this novel, is the lack of empathy felt towards many characters They are not fleshed out enough or given a significant backstory for the readers to feel much emotions at their deaths The characters are too generic, eg German Tanker, US Pacific marine, etc However, that said, the premise of the novel without giving too much spoi [...]

    A very interesting book Turtledove has imagined a world where WW2 started in 1938 and over Czechoslovakia I havent read the previous books as I saw this in a library wanted to know of this book.From the viewpoint of at around 10 people it was like reading a series of novels, and I found it interesting when some characters would meet others, or historical figures were included.I would like to read the earlier and later books in this series as this alternate history pulls out suprises from nowher [...]

    Turtledove keeps changing the route of History It s 1940 and for some mysterious reason, a very convincing Rudolf Hess not only hammers a peace treaty with Germany s western enemies, but he also drums up England and France military support against Russia The Big Switch Turtledove only gives some hints about what the small print of the Big Switch is maybe the lack of credible detail on that is what made me give him a 3.0 instead of a solid 4.0 Another weak point is his lack of detail on Churchill [...]

    Churchill is killed and Britain and France switch sides to JOIN the Germans against the Soviets America remains neutral and stops selling any arms oil to the belligerents and is attacked by the Japanese for their trouble.Another enjoyable volume though the big switch is too far fetched and Turtledove s repetitive officer vs enlisted dynamic is wearing thin Still gonna read the next one though.

    Very disappointed Turtledove develops some of the characters well, others are mere commentators for the ideas none become a real protagonist and none really inspire true feeling Admittedly an ambitious try, but this started with a fizzle and ended with a whimper To my mind Len Deighton SS GB is still the pinnacle of this alternate WWII history, this book is not even a pale reflection of that talent.

    This is the third in Turtledove s series on what would have happened had World War II started a year earlier The events of the first two were predictable, but in The Big Switch, history is radically altered I will let the reader discover the twist As always, characterization highlights Turtledove s prose These characters become people you care about regardless of side If you love history, and reading, I recommend Turtledove.

    The third in Turtledove s series about a WW2 that started early i.e with an invasion of Czechslovakia instead of Poland It s pretty typical Turtledove lots of rapidly changing character vignettes The major plot twist is interesting Hess convinces the British High Command with Churchill safely assassinated to throw in with the Nazis against the Soviet Union The only downside is that the many subplots get very repetitive with little advancement.

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